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Is your website generating the traffic that it should be? There are various ways to increase traffic to your website, and all of these tactics include regularly updating your website with new content. New content is good in the eyes of search engines, therefore getting you more views and increasing the chance that people will link to your website. Creating linkable content on your website is extremely important because it will increase your web rankings, and can easily go viral. There are a number of excellent tactics for creating linkable content, and they can really make a difference if utilized properly. It can be difficult to utilize all of these tactics if you don’t have someone specifically appointed to the task, but anyone can use at least one of these tactics to better improve their web rankings.


Blogs and Articles

Google expects fresh and relevant content from your website, and blogs are the best way to accomplish this. Posting a blog bimonthly can significantly increase your ranking factors. A good way to produce blogs is to have yourself or your employees write industry relevant blog posts each month about their job tactics or ideas. This can provide constant and relevant content on your site, easily strengthening your web authority.


Branding yourself as an authority on a subject can greatly influence your web ranking as well as your following. Writing an industry relevant articles, rich with information and citations to reputable sources can benefit your website in the eyes of viewers as well as search engines. It is important to maintain a professional tone when writing articles in order to establish a sense of authority on the topic. It is equally important to make sure that your information is accurate. Cite your sources, and make sure that your sources are reputable.


The aim of blogging is to build authority, develop community, and increase the awareness of your business or services. Unlike articles, blogs should be written with a more personal tone. Think of a blog as a friend giving advice to another friend. If you can match that tone, then you’re blogging correctly. Your blogs can be written by you, or by your employees, and should be about you or your employees’ ideas about the industry.

Benefits Blog Posts and Articles:

    • Google Will Love You
      • Google encourages fresh and relevant content on your website. If Google sees that you are regularly adding relevant content to your site, they are more likely to reward you by increasing your search rankings.
    • If You Write It, People Will Follow
      • If you manage to create content that interests people, they will be more likely to follow your blog, increasing traffic, interest, and ultimately your web rankings.
    • People Will Link to You
      • Creating valuable content with fresh ideas can result in naturally generated links, which can go viral and increase your web rankings.

Media and Multimedia

Some of the most linkable content on the web seems to be some form of media or multimedia. Infographics, podcasts, videos, PDFs and digital downloads are all forms of media and multimedia that can be used on the web to improve your website. Linkable content


Videos that are relevant to your industry are always best. Industry relevant news, or product commercials are ideal. You can also have a funny or entertaining video that matches the theme of one of your blogs which can work as great link bait. For example: This blog is about increasing the number of people who see your website, so I’ll attach an interesting video about numbers.

Infographics and Podcasts

Sometimes people would prefer to learn through visuals or audio. With infographics, you can explain a process or an argument by using visual representations that explain your point with words, pictures, graphs, and other imagery that will help to portray the point you’re trying to get across. Infographics are visually stimulating and are a quick way to learn how something works, making it very linkable content. On the other hand, podcasts are a great way to get your content out there for people who prefer to listen rather than read or view. A well done podcast can increase your following as well as become a link-worthy source on your website.

PDFs and Other Digital Downloads

PDFs are a great way to brand your company. Creating downloadable PDF documents with images and descriptions of your products or services is a very professional way to represent your company to potential clients, and will also brand you company name in a document that is informational and displays professionalism and quality. In addition, search engines like Google and Yahoo will reward you with web rank when they see that your website contains valuable PDFs.

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