Google is really pushing to make one of the largest changes to the internet protocol since 1999. The majority of hosting companies are on board with HTTP/2, the newest protocol for websites expected to reduce server requests and speed up site speed. This means the internet as a whole is about to experience a huge change. Expect almost everything to be significantly faster!

HTTP/2 uses most of the same technologies, but operates more efficiently and allows servers to respond with more content than was originally requested, removing the need for the user’s computer to continually send requests for more information until a website is fully loaded.

What to expect from HTTP/2

  • Significantly faster server response time
  • Faster mobile browsing
  • Reduced server requests

The best part about this is that you don’t have to do anything! As long as your site is hosted with a company that agrees to participate in this transformation, your site will automatically move over to HTTP/2, and the only difference you’ll notice is a significant change in site speed!

What does this mean for sites secured behind HTTPS?

The new protocols will also affect sites behind HTTPS in the same positive manner. This means secure sites will also enjoy faster server response times and reduced server requests.

This comes just in time, since Google recently stated that they expect sites to load faster than 200ms.