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About Central Boat Rentals, Inc.

Central Boat Rentals, Inc. has been providing safe, reliable and cost-efficient marine transportation services to companies exploring and producing natural gas and oil in the inland and offshore waters of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama since 1967.

With a wide selection of marine vessels, barges, repair facilities and docks, Central Boat Rentals, Inc. offers its customers a full spectrum of services that can be tailored to their specific needs. Central Boat Rentals, Inc. is a proven service provider, employer and community partner in South Louisiana.

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Central Boat needed a website redesign that would be mobile and user-friendly. Comit created a bold new look with high quality imagery and bright, vivid colors. The site contains numerous galleries along with informational pages that explain the company’s service offerings. A contacts directory allows users to get in touch with personnel organized by department.

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The website was built to adapt to the user’s device utilizing responsive design.

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