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About Langlinais Bakery

1968 saw a vast demand for a great roast beef poboy, but a lack of bakeries to deliver quality bread. This prompted the area’s first in-store bakery in 1968, which then became its own business in 1971—delivering quality poboy bread to stores and restaurants throughout Lafayette and the surrounding areas.

Our products can be found extensively throughout the state of Louisiana, as well as across the United States. We are fully capable of providing your location with co-packed products with our semi-automated systems and can perform contract baking for all of your location’s needs. Feel free to contact us—or your salesman— for samples of any of our products to see for yourself!

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Project Goals

Our goal was to design an attractive, user-friendly website for Langlinais Bakery. Comit developed a mobile responsive online presence that adapts to the users screen while presenting them with high resolution imagery and supporting text about Langlanais top quality baked goods! Users can find out more about the company, browse Langlanais’ product listing and easily get in touch with the company through their new online contact form.

Responsive / Mobile Friendly

The website was built to adapt to the user’s device utilizing responsive design.

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