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The niche of Spartan’s experience in horizontal directional drilling has proven to be the key to our success in overseeing drills for large diameter pipe sizes and extended crossings. Our team of employees are record holders in the HDD industry, having completed a horizontal directional bore of 11,065 feet, via an intersect, across the Texas/Louisiana border under the Sabine River and associated wetlands.

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Project Goals

Utilizing high resolution, crisp, on-the-job photography – Comit was able to create an online experience tailored to Spartan Directional’s quality service offerings. Through the website’s gallery page, users can get a peek into Spartan’s operations by browsing through photos and videos. A sortable project table was created to easily navigate details regarding past jobs. Online forms were created to conveniently contact the company and for potential employees to submit their job application directly through the website.

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The website was built to adapt to the user’s device utilizing responsive design.

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