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About System Services

System Services began serving the CATV industry in 1987 as System Services of Louisiana, Inc. The name changed in 2001 as we expanded our corporate structure. Recently we have expanded our corporate culture once more to include our new entity, System Services Pipeline, LLC. Our mission after all of these years is the same, to support our customers with high quality services. Our customers have and continue to request various services from our different departments, and we continue to strive to meet their requests. System Services has a proven track record of successful completion of projects we begin. We have been servicing the same customer base with some additions along the way for the last 24 years.

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Project Goals

Our goal was to design System Services into a visually unique online experience that showcases the company’s services. Comit built a mobile-responsive, informational website to provide System Services’ customers with descriptions of each service offering. Potential clients now also have the ability to easily connect with System Services using their online contact form.

Responsive / Mobile Friendly

The website was built to adapt to the user’s device utilizing responsive design.

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