Universal Analytics
Analytics is a tool of immeasurable importance. They provide both a blueprint for a plan of attack and a measurement of success. The power and capability of analytics are continually growing. Like Universal Analytics, which makes it possible to send data to Google Analytics without tracking codes. But for businesses it means comparing your online and offline data.

This year, the team from Loves Data used Universal Analytics and Measurement Protocol to link their caffeine intake to their productivity. Experiments like this are fun, but also show the capability of converting movement into analytics.

Opportunities for Business Analysis

  • Measure in-store sales along with your online data
  • Better understand purchasing behavior from connected devices, even gaming consoles
  • Get a full site map to your clients’ online to offline journey
  • Compare your offline advertising to your online advertising

Benefits of Universal Analytics
Combining your online and offline analytics allows you to see the full impact your company is having on your clients. You can then being to modify your approach and campaign. Getting onboard with Google Analytics is a no brainer. Especially, when you see the type of growth offered by tools like the Measurement Portal.