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Writing a great and compelling ad in 70 characters or less can be a difficult task, so I have decided to write about the basics for a strong Adwords ad. Here is a list of suggestions that should be considered for your Ads.

  • What makes your product or service unique?
    • Tell your potential customers what makes your product or service unique. Do you offer free delivery or a large variety? If so, be sure to high-light it!
  • Is your product or service exclusive? Is it a limited time offering or price reduction?
    • Consumers use Google’s search to find information about a product. It’s a great idea to highlight exclusiveness or a price promotion because it can create a sense of urgency in the consumer’s mind.
  • Help your customers take action.
    • Help nudge your customer in the right direction by creating a call-to-action in your ad. Make it easy for your customers to call you by using call extensions in your ad. Use words like get a quote, order, browse, sign-up, or purchase to guide your customers into action.
  • Use a keyword in the ad.
    • Its best practice to show a keyword in your ad. It shows relevance to the searcher and will help them notice your ad. You can manually enter the keyword yourself or use a quick trick for automatic inclusion. Using the code {Keyword: Apples} allows Google to automatically insert the user’s search term into your ad. Let’s say the user is searching for Delicious Apples, the code will automatically insert “Delicious Apples” into your ad. If the searched term exceeds the character limit of the ad, the default keyword “Apples” will show instead. We recommend using extreme caution when using this trick. Examples to avoid when using this trick includes non-owned trademarked terms or a competitor’s name or brand, this can lead to legal issues.
  • Ensure that your ad matches the relevant landing page.
    • A customer clicking your ad should be able to find relevant information about the product or service they had searched. This is a page that should include more in-depth details about the service or product and you should also include pricing or promotions here.
  • Appeal to mobile users and optimize the ad for mobile devices.
    • Mobile ads should have call extensions and location extensions. Adding a call extension to your ad allows a user to simply click the phone number which automatically initiates the call. Location extensions can be used for automatic GPS guidance to your location. Its a big win for you and convenient for the customer!
  • Experiment with multiple ads.
    • Google recommends that you start with three to four different types of text ads for each adgroup. This will allow you to see what works and make improvements on what doesn’t work. Adwords will show your better performing ads more frequently but its is highly recommended that you monitor your ad’s performance and pause any ads that are underperforming.

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