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Convincing someone to write a review for your business is not nearly as easy as getting them to click an inviting thumbs up icon, not even close. It’s way more involved, and way more valuable than you might think. There are an overwhelming number of review focused sites on the web, which means people don’t have any shortage of mega phones to blast opinions about your product and/or service. Albeit intimidating, business’s should be embracing and taking advantage of review platforms and engaging with reviews, especially the negative ones *gasp*!

Make it a goal for 2015 to gain more reviews and genuinely interact with your reviewers. Not only will you be rewarded with a star covered appearance that will sway your prospects’ first impressions making them more likely to convert, but it will also boost your rankings. For those who are apprehensive to open the floodgates, don’t be. Openly accepting and encouraging reviews shows confidence and tells your customers that you aren’t fabricating your reputation or hiding from criticism. You would be surprised just how many angry customers have re-visited a review with a change of heart simply for being acknowledged.

Open the Floor to Your Customers

  • Make sure you have a profile set up on as many review platforms as possible, but only focus heavily on top sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp
  • Make sure profiles are as complete as possible
  • Strive for five or more Google review to unlock the visible five star rating system

Speak Up and Ask

  • Don’t shy away from asking and encouraging your customers to speak their minds
  • Try to target customers and clients that you feel have a high regard for your company and its product/services
  • Keep in mind that you are not allowed to solicit reviews on Yelp

Respond Strategically

  • Don’t delete or hide legitimate complaints, rather address them with composure and sincerity, to show your customers that you care about attempting to resolve the issue.
  • Take the conversation private to hash out details after you have addressed the initial message, whether good or bad
  • Share positive reviews on social media to encourage others

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