11 Tips to Turning Your Website Into Your Top Salesperson

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There is no denying that we live in a digital age. In the world of business, it is imperative to take advantage of the many benefits of proper digital marketing. We understand that first impressions are of crucial importance to the future of your business. With more customers and clients seeing your business for the first time on the web, your website must be designed to impress. With the right design, you can turn your website into your top salesperson.

Let’s get down to the bottom line of why websites are no longer a luxury for businesses, but a necessity. Sales are what drive businesses and a properly designed website can make all of the difference to that bottom line. These conversion tips will help to improve your website and take your business to the next level.


1. Speed Matters! Find a Great Web Hosting Company

Visitors will leave your website faster than you can say “lost sales” if they are waiting for it to load. Let’s face it: people can be impatient, especially online. You need to make sure you are using a high-speed hosting company that will allow your website to load faster than your competition.


2. Stay Clear of Big Files That Will Weigh Down Your Website

When making use of infographics or large images, you need to make sure they aren’t bogging down your website. Compress your files to web-ready formats before you load your site up with files that will clog up your site.


3. Utilize Responsive Design to Capture Mobile Users

More web users are accessing the internet from their mobile devices than ever before. Where a strong mobile design for your website was sufficient a decade ago, you must now implement a responsive design that will display beautifully on any mobile device. Once you have implemented your mobile design, make sure you test it across many different devices.


4. Use Straightforward and Effective Call to Actions

A call to action is going to be one of your strongest conversion tools you can use on your website. By strategically using images and language to nudge visitors in the right direction, you can move them closer to driving conversions. Just like a great salesperson will lead a customer down the sales funnel, a great call to action on your website will do the same.


5. Make Your Forms Easy and Simple to Use

No one is going to fill out a form that is complicated and difficult to use. You must craft your contact forms on your site to be easy to use and read. This will result in you gathering more information that you ever would with a difficult to use form.


6. Implement Live Chat Support

Live chat support is becoming more used on business websites now than ever before. Customers love having someone they can talk to right on your website to answer any questions they might have. You can either dedicate someone on staff to run the live chat or outsource your customer support to a qualified company.


7. Offer Incentives and Bonuses

Offering incentives and bonuses on your site is a great way to gather more information about your customers and make sales. Make sure that your offers on your website are easy to find and don’t come off as gimmicky.


8. Use Written Content Effectively

Filling up your blog with quality content is a great way to attract new customers through search engines and educate those who have landed on your site. In your field, you need to be the expert. With high-quality written content, your customers will turn to you for the answers they need in your industry.


9. Make Sure to Ask for your Customer’s Email

It should be your goal to acquire as many emails as you can in order to build your mailing list. Offering free downloadable content in exchange for contact information is an easy, inexpensive yet effective way of doing this.


10. Stay Away from Stock Photos and Videos

Stock photos and videos are easy to spot and can make your business look cheesy. It is important to use your own photography in order to make your company appear genuine. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer will be an investment that can pay off big in the long run.


11. Never Cut Corners

Just like any other part of your business, you never want to cut corners with your website. You will never regret hiring the top design teams to help you create the best website possible for your website. With the importance of online marketing today, you can not afford to cut any corners in your digital presence.
If you try to cut corners, visitors will know. A quality website looks great to web users and drives more conversions, but it can also be an asset to making sales. At Comit Developers we’ll design and host a quality site that won’t cost an arm and leg, so get a leg up on the competition by requesting a consultation today!

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