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The marketing department of Comit Developers has spun off into its own agency under the name Rally MarketingSpecializing in digital marketing services like social media management, content creation, marketing automation, and influencer marketing, Rally provides excellent customer service and customized special projects to Comit clients. Visit their site for a complete list of services!

Rally Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing Solutions

Social Strategy

Social media marketing is critical to staying connected to and engaging your target audience. We strategically manage social media networks for clients such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest by implementing tailored marketing strategies to boost your business growth. Our campaigns deliver engaging content, increase followers, and drive brand recognition. This approach easily translates into more leads and sales for our clients. Keeping your social community engaged is key, let’s get there together.


Inbound Marketing

Our talented team of developers is dedicated to providing your business with a tailored marketing plan built to exceed your goals. Our certified inbound marketing experts will collaborate with your in-house resources to design a plan for success, combining all of your business’s unique marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. With an arsenal of marketing automation, quality content, and search engine optimization, your business will be geared for success.


Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Content marketing is noted as one of the most effective methods of lead generation in the digital age. At Comit Developers we strive to produce quality content marketing strategies that stretch far beyond that of traditional link building. We distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined target audience for your business.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the future of business prospecting. Using highly personalized and unique content, automation can improve the satisfaction and retention of customers, new and returning alike. Re-vamping every aspect of digital marketing through testing, segmentation, lead scoring and analysis, automation is an excellent supplement to a digital campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

We are Google experts who understand the importance of a strong business presence on the major search engines. Comit Developers is a leader in Search Engine Optimization, and can conduct an SEO audit to identify your website’s challenges and opportunities. We specialize in creating an actionable marketing strategy to maximize your visibility online, and strive to provide strong tangible results.

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