4 Things Your Landing Page is Missing

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Landing page construction

Considering how important of a role landing pages play in web marketing, it’s surprising how little attention some companies pay to these crucial conversion points. If your landing page is set up properly, it can pay big dividends and help you earn more customers.

Here are four items that not everyone knows should be a part of a successful landing page – without these things, you’ll limit your page’s ability to convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

Lack of a Menu

It might seem counterintuitive – wouldn’t you want your landing page to encourage visitors to check out other parts of your site? Normally, yes, but a landing page has a singular goal: conversions. All of the page’s images, copy, buttons, and links are all created to help the visitor convert on the presented offer. Everything else, including a navigation menu, is an unnecessary distraction that should be removed from all landing pages.

Visual Cues

Whenever possible, visuals on your page should be designed to influence people to complete the desired goal. Unbounce gives a great example of this, explaining how images of people looking at different elements on a landing page also inspire the reader to move their eyes that way.

Other sites use arrows, lines, borders, or contrasting colors around important elements of the page. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it fits well with the rest of the page and make it subtle – you don’t want to come off as harsh or desperate.

Clear Pricing Options

It’s a good bet that someone who has spent time on a landing page for a product or service you offer has at least some interest in purchasing. Why not make it as easy as possible by providing them all the information they need to buy immediately? Some sites will even include purchase forms directly on their landing pages, which cuts out an extra step and could make impulse buyers more likely to pull the trigger.

Social Share Buttons

This element might surprise some people, especially after our earlier point about making sure landing pages don’t have any unnecessary elements. But every time your landing page is shared, it gives you the opportunity to convert a brand new potential customer. As long as these icons are subtle and don’t take away from the site’s main message, it’s fine to have them on your landing page to help spread the word about your offer.

For Landing Pages, More is Less

It’s fine to include complicated menus, visual effects and other more complex elements of web design on your homepage or product page. But when building a landing page, be sure to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible so that you can maximize conversions and get your audience to take the desired action.

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