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My Email Account Stopped Working Properly

From the perspective of an email support technician, I can tell you that dealing with an email account that is not working is one of the most frustrating scenarios to come across. There are so many intricacies tied into how email functions. A client will often use a mail client, such as Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook to manage their emails. If your email account stopped working properly, there are ways to narrow down the reasons behind this.

In today’s business world, having email applications like these are essential to manage your inbox effectively and efficiently. Though they help us keep our sanity, mail clients make troubleshooting email issues that much harder. When a client signs up for a hosting plan, often the plan will automatically come with an email service. This email service is usually directly reachable by web mail via a browser. Web mail is the only direct link to your account that will control email on the server as you delete and create emails. Unfortunately, even if this is the best way to control your mail, the graphical user interface for the web mail looks outdated and is not user friendly at all. Creating folders to organize mail will often become cumbersome in a fast paced lifestyle. This is why it is common for most people to lean on an email application, whether it be on their computer or their phone.

Another common way of mail is through services like Gmail or Yahoo. The whole purpose of these email programs is to meet the standards of email management. They are good for personal accounts. Such companies, such as Google, make web mail like this to connect people in the easiest way possible. It’s suggested to use these types of email programs because of the awesome features and simplicity they offer, but it always becomes a pain when you have problems with your email. It’s very hard to reach someone who can help you directly, and even if you do reach them they might not have an answer for you.

If you are experiencing email issues, DON’T PANIC! There are a few things you can do to help smooth the process before you even bother having a technician work on your case. Below is a list comprised of simple steps you can take to try to fix your email issue is your email does not work working.

  • Internet Connection

    Just like surfing the web, your internet connection determines whether your email can be received or not. Is your internet connection working properly? If you are having slow load times, and notice your email is not coming in, then contact your Internet Service Provider for possible solutions.

  • Hosting

    Are you current with your web hosting bill? If you have your own personal website, and have email through your hosting plan, make sure that you are up to date with paying your fees. When a hosting company turns off your hosting, they turn off your email too.

  • Anti Virus Software : Configuration

    Often times a client will be running an anti virus software on their computer such as Norton or McAfee. These programs come with settings that could possibly alter the way your email behaves. Updates to these software’s can also sometimes change settings. Try checking your anti virus to make sure the settings are appropriate for the email types you receive.

  • Spam

    Is your inbox being cluttered with spam? Spam is a general term used for email that comes to you from a business or person that has an advertisement, message, or agency involved. These can come from anywhere and are very deceiving! Did you ever click on a form that said ,”Win a free iPod!!”? This type of form will save your information, submit it to lists, which will then submit to more lists that send you email about things you couldn’t care less about. How do you stop this? First option would be to disable popups on sites that have random ads. This will stop the temptation of clicking on it in the first place. Second would be to not click on any ads that try to flash and get your attention at all. Just don’t do it!

    There are two different types of spam. Some spam you will receive in your inbox or spam/junk folder. Some spam you will see in your sent folder. This type of spam is rare. If you see a spam message that is in your sent folder that you didn’t send, or received “Mail Daemon” kickback emails saying that an email you potentially tried to send did not go through, then this is a sure indication that you’re in for a rough road ahead. You’re now dealing with spam that you actually aren’t sending. If you receive these, SAVE at least two copies without opening them. If you do have to potentially talk to a technician, they will need these emails to view important code about where and how this emails was sent.

  • What does spam have to do with my email?

    Hackers. When your account is submitted to agencies that send spam, that makes your account more vulnerable. Not to mention, you don’t know who they’re submitting your email to! Hackers often take advantage of theses lists to target people. Once targeted, they hack into your account and gain your credentials, even sometimes changing your password and username! This all together will not allow you to login to your account at times. If your account is tied to your hosting, that means it’s tied to your domain name. This is the best type of jewel for a hacker because once they gain control of our account, they can proceed to gain control of your domain name through the server. This can set you up for a path of destruction. Before you know it, your site will show up on blacklists because your server was apparently sending our emails you never knew about! Who would have thought?

    If you receive any spam emails that have downloads or attachments, DO NOT click on them! This finishes off exactly what the hacker wants. It allows a valuable piece of their written code to make it to your computer. In turn, this lets them crack into your email account via browser or email client. Not to mention infect your computer with worse things. It is best to educate yourself on the types of emails that are safe and not safe in order to avoid catastrophes.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you might be able to avoid having to call your email support specialist. In a case where you believe you are a victim of a hacker, it is very important to reach your email provider immediately. Especially if your website depends on it. Though email might seem like a simple, personal option, there is a lot of smaller details that are attached behind the scenes. These details are often taken advantage of, leaving you without an email account and a web site that users might not even be able to view because it’s been taken down. Learn to look for the signs early on, and you will be able to get your email up and running in no time.

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