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Whether you realize it or not, your website is your strongest marketing tool. It is where potential customers or clients stop by to learn all about your business long before ever picking up the phone or stopping by the office to engage with you,so you need to ensure the online experience not only works, but it works well for everyone.

Did you know that in today’s rapidly changing market the majority of website users are viewing from their mobile phones or tablets? Mobile search is on track to outpace desktop search in 2015. The tides are changing and it is absolutely essential to adapt lest you get swept away.

If you are wondering why your bounce rate is so high, it could very be because your website isn’t functional for mobile users. So what do they do? They quickly leave and visit your competitor’s mobile responsive website design. The key is to make it as easy and appealing for your online customers as you would for in store customers because they are just as (if not more so) important.

If you’re still not convinced lets discuss Google. In April 2015 Google changed it search ranking algorithm. At first glance this may not seem like a surprise, they do this all the time. This latest change, however will negatively affect websites that are not mobile-friendly. Preference will be give to mobile responsive website design over those who are not. Your competitor’s mobile responsive website is going to appear ahead of your non mobile responsive website in search results.

Take the time to have a look at your analytics and determine how much of your traffic is actually coming from Google. Our guess is a lot, if that is the case then it is absolutely essential that you take the plunge to a mobile responsive website design, today. At this point, you are late to the mobile party and there is zero time to waste.

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