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by | Sep 23, 2013 | Web Development

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If you are new to Google +, the concept of building circles can seem confusing. However, building circles is incredibly easy. I will give you a step by step guide to building your circles.

Step 1:

Think of some local businesses or organizations and search for them on Google +. Since we are in the heart of Cajun Country, I have decided to follow the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Step 2:

Now you just click follow and decide what circle you would like the page in. Its that simple.

Step 3:

After you have gone through and followed as many relevant pages as possible, its time to turn to the Google Communities. Communities are great because they are typically on a specific topics, such as web development. Joining these groups is beneficial because it gives you access to a group of people that are interested in a specific topic. Posting and interacting with these communities can help you gain followers and turn you into a trusted expert on your field in your community.

Step 4:

Make sure that when you post on your page that your content is worth reading. The more interesting your posts are the more long term followers you will have.

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