Is Your Site REALLY Mobile Friendly?

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Web Development

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You may take a look at your website and think it appears mobile friendly, but does Google see it that way? April 21st is approaching quicker than you think, and the date is important because it is the day that Google will start to penalize web pages that aren’t truly mobile friendly. By penalize, we mean Google will hit you with noticeable drops in rankings that will surely affect your business.

This is easy to avoid by updating your site at more than the surface level. Mobile friendly, or responsive web design is more than just changing the appearance of your website to look easy to use or navigate on mobile devices. Google’s program that decides whether you will be penalized or not needs to be able to read your site and determine it as mobile friendly. Imagine taking a test and knowing the answer to a question, but also knowing that your professor is looking for a different, more complete answer. You need to satisfy your professor to get the grade, just as you need to satisfy Google to keep your rankings.

The team at Comit Developers takes pride in our ability to provide our clients with dire information on announcements such as these. Our SEO experts make sure to keep our clients in the know and one step ahead of the competition when it comes to ever evolving world of online marketing. Give us a call or contact us today to get a FREE consultation to determine whether or not your site is truly mobile friendly in the eyes of Google and get a quote on updating your site! If your site is already mobile friendly, you are already ahead of the game. Continue to stay ahead by checking out our SEO and Social Media capabilities. Contact us today

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