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NextGEN is a gallery plugin for WordPress. It allows you to manage your galleries easily and efficiently. In order to begin managing your gallery, you will need to log into your WordPress dashboard. This information should have been emailed to you, if you would like to request it be resent to you, please contact us.

From your dashboard, click on Gallery. This is where you will find the options available to you through the NextGEN plugin.


If you hover over the Gallery menu item, a sub-menu will pop out listing your options. From here, you can add a new galley, add images to an existing gallery, manage your galleries, and much more.

The majority of our clients will be using the Add Gallery / Images, and Manage Gallery options. We will walk through adding an image to a gallery, creating a new gallery, and how to display galleries on your website.

Adding an Image to a Gallery


Click on Add Gallery / Images. You will be directed to a screen prompting you to upload images. From here, you can choose files to upload and assign the gallery you wish for them to appear in. Click on “Select Files” and browse your computer to locate the image you would like to add. Select the gallery name you would like to assign to this image in the drop down box below. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click Upload images. Your new images will now appear in the corresponding gallery.

Adding a New Gallery

In the same window, you will see a tab titled Add new gallery.


From here, you can give your new gallery a name. Click Add gallery to complete this step.

Manage Your Existing Galleries

To begin managing your galleries, click Manage Gallery. You will a list of galleries – click on the gallery you wish to edit. You should now see a listing of your images in this particular gallery.

From here, you can add/edit Alt text and Descriptions. If your gallery has captions enabled, the field labeled “Description” will be handled as your captions. The Alt text will show up on your webpage when an image is hovered over. The Alt Text and Descriptions can be duplicated to display the same information.

Displaying a Gallery Within a Post/Page

In order for your gallery to display on your website, you will need to insert it into a post or page. To do this, navigate to the desired page within the WordPress dashboard by clicking Pages, then on the page you wish to edit.
In your text editor section, you will see an icon for NextGEN Gallery as shown below.


Click on this icon and a window will appear.


In this window, you can select the desired gallery from a drop down list. The Show as section will determine how your gallery is displayed.

  • Image List – Will display columns/rows of thumbnails that can be clicked to enlarge.
  • Slideshow – Will display one image at a time in a slideshow.
  • Imagebrowser – Will display one image at a time with navigational buttons to “flip through” your gallery.

Click Insert to add your gallery to your page. Update your page, and your new gallery should display on your website.

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