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by | Dec 27, 2020 | Web Development

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Comit's Year in Review: 2020

2020 At-A-Glance

Like many businesses, 2020 was a year that marked major changes in our team dynamics, customer relationships and overall approach to key services. While many of our essential operations were impacted by the global pandemic, our industry and internal structure gave us remarkable resilience compared to many other industries. Despite the new challenges and uncertainty we all faced this past year, the Comit Developers team is still going strong, and we are excited to see what 2021 will bring.

Our Initial Vision for 2020

As a small and nimble company in the technology industry, we make it a practice to set new goals, streamline our business model and re-evaluate our practices every year. The start of 2020 was no different. We launched the year by bringing several new team members on board to boost our sales and development team. Some of our key internal processes also got a face lift in preparation for an anticipated record-breaking year of business. Our anticipations proved correct—even in the midst of COVID—as we received more client referrals than we have in any other year.

On a related note, we are very grateful to the enthusiastic and loyal customers who helped make this happen! We want to give special thanks to Atlas, BreastPumps.com, Diversified Healthcare and Dynasty Energy Services for the recurring work they brought to us this year. The internal streamlining we did this year was meant to provide a smoother customer experience and more effective results, so we are proud to know that our efforts made a real difference.

COVID Impact: Adapting to the Unexpected

Like virtually every other business in the United States, Comit Developers did face uncertainty and difficulties due to the COVID outbreak. While the general stress presented by the dangerous outbreak put a strain on all of our personal lives, as it did for many, we were fortunate enough to easily transition to working remotely. Our services and team dynamic were actually well-suited to remote working since we spend most of our time on computers behind desks anyway. However, we did miss out on in-person interactions, as well as the familiarity of our workspace and routines.

As a website development company, there was some relief for us since the pandemic compelled many small businesses to seek new or revamped websites to handle the increased demand for online services by the public. This helped us make up for the loss of some of our clients due to the strains of the pandemic on businesses. Ultimately, we hope that the infrastructure and preparedness developed during this pandemic will put us in a stronger position if the need for remote working continues into 2021.

Major Milestones Reached This Year

Despite the unexpected and challenging developments this year, we also reached a few milestone accomplishments that show a lot of promise for our future services. Our new emphasis on site audits and detailed proposals allows us to give clients targeted and specialized solutions that really optimize their marketing and promotion potential. Investing more time in this initial research and planning phase keeps the rest of our efforts on the right track, leading to better final results for our customers.

Despite the physical distance created between team members due to the outbreak, we still found ways to bond and grow as a group, bringing us even closer than before. The uncertainty of being shaken out of our routine and not knowing what the future held for us from month to month forced us to be more flexible, adapt on the fly and learn how to accommodate everybody’s individual circumstances. Overcoming these challenges has led us to new levels of integration, communication and cooperation.

Infographic highlighting Comit's acheivements for 2020

Comit Keeps an Eye on the Future

Even though many of us are heaving a slight sigh of relief as we reach the end of 2020, we are already looking toward 2021 with excitement and strong determination to keep improving. We are confident in our customer service and team collaboration even with remote team members, so we are looking forward to serving our existing clients and meeting new ones in the months ahead.

We encourage businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries to talk to us about designing, building and updating their website to face the demands and challenges ahead of them. Every new year brings new methods, technologies and strategies that can seriously boost your relevance and influence with digital customers. Our team is ready and waiting to help you overcome marketing weaknesses and capitalize on opportunities through targeted website design solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help design and build the best website for your business.

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