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I was very intrigued to learn that Pinterest is making big moves to establish itself as a major player in the world of online traffic. Pinterest is responsible for driving 3.68% of traffic to publishers; it came in second only after Facebook. With this new weight, Pinterest stepped into the local search arena and introduced Place Pins.

Place Pins give users the option of adding local information to each pin. There are options to add phone numbers, addresses and map locations. Google indexes Pin descriptions; this means that the additional information will add valuable ranking signals to your local, online profile. So now when people re-pin your images they will be re-pinning your location.

To capitalize on Pinterest’s latest addition, create a new board or edit an existing board to add the local information. Now you can begin pinning different locations to your map. Just like standard pins, your business information and map location will be retained.

I think that the local search factor that Pinterest has added is great, but I am equally as interested to see how local businesses will use this tool to increase brand awareness. The local search factor will undoubtedly increase your Pinterest followers, which will in part, increase traffic to your websites. We are very excited to incorporate this into our clients’ SEO tactics.

Pinterest’s rankings for traffic referrals have more than proved its worth. It’s an easy platform to manage, a fun one at that, and most certainly worth your efforts. TechCrunch estimates that every Pin generates roughly 78 cents in revenue. So take advantage of Place Pins and start pinning. If you have any questions about how to use Pinterest to your company’s benefit, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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