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The world of web development is growing since more companies are looking to build and manage their own websites. New businesses are unable to stay afloat without an online presence, which is much harder to develop without the proper tools.

Web development tools are becoming much more user-friendly and are far more plentiful than they were ten years ago, so which ones should you use? Listed below are some of the most useful web development tools to help narrow the search.


Framework Tools

Front-end and web application frameworks can be an essential component of decent web design and simplify web application and service development.

  1. uikit –This front-end framework is centered around designing web interfaces with power and speed.
  2. Foundation – This set of frameworks simplifies the process of designing apps, websites, and emails.
  3. Symfony – This web application framework features reusable components.
  4. AngularJS – AngularJS is a lot more lightweight than most frameworks. Basically, it helps develop a more readable and quick-to-develop environment by expanding the applications HTML syntax (i.e. vocabulary).
  5. Meteor – This tool works under a single JavaScript codebase to provide all the necessary parts for building web and mobile apps.
  6. CakePHP – This PHP framework requires less code than others, and helps simplify web application development.
  7. Laravel – This PHP web application framework helps build web applications on MVC pattern. One of the best parts about Laravel is that it is free.
  8. CodeIgniter – This lightweight PHP framework’s aim is to make full-featured web applications with a modest look.


Editing Tools

Code editors are necessary for condensing and correcting computer code.

  1. Sublime Text – Sublime Text is a great tool for editing prose, code, and markup. This tool features many keyboard shortcuts (e.g. performing multiple editing changes) which help with navigating files more quickly.
  2. Atom – This text editor has a more modern feel and is easy to use.
  3. Notepad++ – This is a free source code editor which runs under the MS Windows environment and supports over a dozen programming languages like JavaScript, C++, Python, HTML, and PHP.
  4. Visual Studio Code Beta – This unique code editor helps build and debug web and cloud applications.


Markdown editors focus on converting plain language with easy syntax into HTML.

  1. StackEdit – This markdown editor is a free online resource.
  2. Texts – This editor for Windows and Mac OS X is designed for plain text.
  3. Dillinger – This is a cloud-enabled markdown editor which uses HTML5.


Task Runner Tools

A lot of work goes into web development, so naturally even more work goes into designing multiple web pages. With task runners, you can create tasks with compact JavaScript code. These tasks can be combined and automated to speed along development.

  1. Grunt – Automating tasks is the focus of this JavaScript task runner. Since there is a long list of plugins, there is little need to write our own tasks.
  2. Gulp – This task runner helps to manage complex tasks and automate workflow.
  3. Bower – This tool helps in the management of HTML, JavaScript, and image files.


Website Building Tools

For those who want to create presentable websites while avoiding learning and inputting pages of code, these HTML5 website builders could offer the perfect solution.

  1. Jimdo – This website builder provides lots of features to help in developing a professional-looking website with a decent amount of storage and unlimited bandwidth. This tool is a free resource, but if you pay five dollars per month, you can get your own domain, widgets, stats, and even an online store.
  2. Dunked – Dunked offers a collection of easily customizable templates you can use to create an online portfolio without learning code. This is a free resource which provides creative options to design. The templates on Dunked are compatible with any mobile device (e.g. iPhones, Androids).
  3. BigCommerce – If looking for a tool to help create a functional online store, you needn’t look any further than BigCommerce. Responsive templates are easily customizable, and you can choose to change features of the site with or without using code.
  4. Weebly – This online website builder works well with all major platforms. Websites built on Weebly gives the option of using our own domain names (which is more costly than the Weebly subdomains it also offers).
  5. Shopify – If building an online store, Shopify may be one of our best choices. This fairly popular website builder provides flexible pricing plans for all sizes of business. For about thirty dollars per month, you can utilize Shopify’s selection of templates, themes, and expert help.
  6. PrestaShop – This open-source ecommerce website builder focuses more on the business than unique design. PrestaShop’s default theme is easily adapted to our individual needs.
  7. Strikingly – This is an HTML5 website builder to create more unique templates which are perfect for grabbing the attention of its website’s visitors. Most mobile platforms are compatible with Strikingly’s templates.


Website Speed Test Tools

Website speed is one factor that helps users decide to stay on the site. If a website is unreasonably slow, it is likely that users won’t browse for very long before getting frustrated and finding a different source.

  1. GTmetrix – This tool tests website speed and offers tips on how to optimize it.
  2. Website Speed Test – This speed test application delivers website previews and waterfall breakdowns.
  3. Google Chrome DevTools – This website speed tester offers Google Chrome’s debugging tools as well as tools to create great website content.


Website development can be time-consuming and costly; these tools can help save you time and money. There are many low-cost (and some free) resources available, and plenty more are likely to hit the market in the foreseeable future.

Web development tools have been great for allowing non-developers to perform a variety of complicated tasks, but should be used efficiently and cautiously. Don’t stake your website’s success on only free tools and cheap software, choose Comit Developers – the experts that will make a site that truly stands apart from competitors.

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