Website Updates

Is your website Up to Date with all of your company's current information?

Websites are evolving and so is your business. Partner with an agency that will work hand in hand with your team, supporting and communicating along the way. Focus on your priorities, while we focus on your website updates, content changes, ongoing maintenance and technical website support.

Reliable Changes With Quick Turnaround Times

When you introduce a new product, hire a new employee, open a new location, or take a new company photo- let us know and we’ll update your website in no time. A well maintained and quality website is as important as the product or service you offer. Unmaintained and outdated websites will experience a drastic decline in direct and search engine traffic. It will also speak badly about your company image, driving potential contacts and clients away. We are a reliable agency who treats each website as it’s own. Partner with us.

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How Do I Know It’s Time to Upgrade My Website?

Does it look outdated?

Has the brand changed?

Are bounces high & conversions low?

Is it too slow?

Is it responsive?

Is the user experience poor?

Does it stack up to the  competition?

Is it Secure?

It Looks Outdated

How your website looks makes a difference. Anyone will agree that a website with an adequate design feels trustworthy. The  websites we create feature modern, sleek, and custom designs that, create a fantastic user experience.

The Brand Has Changed

Your business has evolved over the years. Your branding should reflect the evolution  that your business has undergone. Mergers or acquisitions, new leadership, and new products or services are just a few things that impact brand positioning and brand messaging. Your current website should match how you’re positioning your brand within the market.


Bounces are High, Conversions are Low

Poor web analytics are the first indication your website may need an upgrade. If visitors are landing on your site and quickly leaving or they’re clicking around without converting, then they clearly are not finding what they came for. By reviewing the analytics, what they are more interested in can be noted and reflected in your new website design.


It's Too Slow

Load time is a significant contributor to the rise and fall of your conversion rate. For every second you shave off of load time, you’ll boost customer confidence and trust in your site. In most cases, a few seconds can make all of the difference. A great first impression is extremely important, make sure your site is not underperforming.

It’s Not Responsive

Smartphones and tablets now dominate Internet usage. If mobile users visit a business website that doesn’t work well on mobile, they view it as a sign of digital business incompetence. There are now many devices and resolutions, so there’s simply no way you can create a mobile version of your website to cover it all. This means a responsive website is a definite necessity.

User Experience is Poor

Navigating your company’s website is probably something you do daily with ease. However, your website wasn’t built for your navigation, it was built to convert web visitors into leads and then customers. Large websites that are layers deep can be strenuous to navigate. The more of a strain it is to navigate your website, the less likely visitors are to attempt.

It Doesn’t Stack Up to Competition

In the digital age, B2B purchase cycles are completed before the buyer contacts sales. One of the first stops in that buyer journey is often your website.  If your competitors’ websites are simple, well-organized and customer-centric, your website is at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

It's Not SSL Certified

An SSL certificate ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. Without it, your website will fail to show up on Google and other search engines. If you accept credit card information and store it in a database, you need an SSL certificate to secure the credit card data as it is transferred.

Request a Consultation

If your site falls into any of the above categories – it may be time for a complete site upgrade! Contact us today to find out how Comit can help.