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by | Oct 1, 2014 | Hosting, Web Development, Wordpress

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The world is discovering just how Comit Developers is revolutionizing Web Development thanks to our partnership with Zend Technologies, the company who created the PHP programming language and Amazon Web Services, the undisputed global leader in cloud computing.

We are excited to announce that work that used to take development teams hours to accomplish can now be completed in minutes. By leveraging our engineering expertise to implement cutting-edge features of Zend Server 7 on the Amazon Cloud like Z-ray (which allows developers to see coding issues and access test environments in real time without disrupting workflow) we now have the ability to manage our customer’s web sites far more efficiently and deliver an exceptional customer experience on one of the most resilient and fastest-performing web platforms ever invented.


“The Zend on AWS is a game-changer, making PHP developers successful in the very place where disruptive innovation is happening – the cloud. Our work with Amazon creates a cloud and mobile-friendly developer ecosystem that gives these developers the ammunition they need to create the quality, forward-looking applications businesses require to survive and thrive.”

Andi Gutmans
Zend Technologies Co-Founder and CEO

We’ve worked closely with strategic partners Zend and Amazon Web Services to lead the web development community in advancing these cutting-edge technologies. And in doing so, we are helping to establish PHP as a true enterprise grade platform and cementing our reputation as the global authority when it comes to web development innovation.

The “cloud” may be something new to some of your clients, which is why we are sharing our success story with the tech community to create a better understanding across the board. In addition to the coverage we have recently received on the AWS Blog and on Zend’s own web site, we were also recognized as leaders by international publications eWeek and SearchSOA just this week.

To read more about getting started with Zend and AWS Marketplace:

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