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Building a business website is no easy task. That’s because even creating an average site requires plenty of work, both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view. We here at Comit Developers don’t want your business to have an average site, though – we want it to blow away the competition.

To make that happen, it’s critical to pay attention to even the smallest details as the site takes shape. One of those details – and one that many businesses neglect – is choosing the right website fonts to tell the business’s story. Here are some tips on how to choose the right fonts for a business website.

Consider The Brand’s Identity

The first thing to think about when choosing a primary font for a business website is the identity of the brand it will represent. This oft-overlooked step is more important than you might think. Consider, for example, how the F in the Facebook logo is now an internationally recognized brand symbol, or how AT&T’s font makes all of their products instantly identifiable in a crowded market. When choosing a main business website font, consider:

  • The tone of the brand – is it funny, serious, stately, etc.?
  • Does the font scale well – will it work as well on a mobile device as it would on a billboard?
  • Are there complementary fonts available – what other fonts will work as secondary and accent fonts?

Choose Secondary and Accent Fonts

With the primary font set, the next thing to do is choose secondary and accent fonts. Both should complement the primary font, but must be suited to what they’ll be used for:

  • Secondary Font – The secondary font must be clear, scalable, and readable. It’s what will be used for most of the text on the website. Every product description, blog post, and FAQ item will use it. It should be easy on the eyes and mesh well with the primary font.
  • Accent Font – An accent font will be the least-used font on the site. It’s reserved for things that must grab the reader’s attention, like a call to action or a special offer. It should stand out, yet share a similar style to the primary font.

Putting it Together

With the right fonts in place, a business website can provide a consistent, eye-catching user experience. Remember, though, that typography is an art form. If you want help to make the perfect selection, contact us today and our experienced designers will get you started with some fonts you’ll love. We’d also be happy to help you build or update your business website to make the best use of those fonts, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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