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A few years ago, LinkedIn made the decision to open up its native platform for content publishing to allow every member to publish their own unique content. This was a huge plus for content marketers and moved LinkedIn a bit closer to being the top dog when it comes to content marketing. The opportunities for exposure through this platform are huge, but only if you have the ability to stand out from the crowd. Here are four tips to help you do exactly that.

Be a Thought Leader

LinkedIn content marketing works best if you can position yourself as someone with a large amount of professional expertise. It should be content that will build excitement among LinkedIn users. Users who post about their own successes in the real world are also very popular, so if you’re successful in your own right, don’t be afraid to create LinkedIn marketing content that showcases your abilities.

Provide Wisdom for Other Users

LinkedIn gives you opportunities to connect with new leads, but only if you can capture and keep their attention. One way to ensure engagement with readers is to have a fully-fleshed content persona before you begin posting. What’s your niche, and how are you going to get users excited about what you have to offer? If you can answer these questions, you’re in a good position to make the most of LinkedIn marketing content.

Publish Here, Publish There…Publish Everywhere?

As long as you’ve created the content, it’s yours, and can be published as often as you like to reach as many people as possible. Don’t look at LinkedIn marketing content as a one-shot deal; it can be used in several ways and on several different platforms.

LinkedIn may also choose to distribute your content in a variety of areas that you wouldn’t have considered, especially if it provides a lot of value across a variety of genres. This makes it very important to follow publishing guidelines to keep your content safely accessible for the largest number of readers. In the end, it’s your content and you’re responsible for it.

Get Readers Back to Your Domain

While LinkedIn provides excellent opportunities to reach new contacts, it’s very important to get them back to your own platform. Engage readers, but also entice them to visit your space to find more content that would be useful and valuable for them. Your LinkedIn marketing content should be an extension of you and your business. This is an opportunity that many who publish content on LinkedIn miss or forget.

Using LinkedIn Marketing Content Properly

At every juncture, it’s important to understand that your content should have a good return on investment (ROI). It should be streamlined to take advantage of every opportunity available on the platform. Don’t make the mistake of scattering your content or publishing pieces that don’t fit with your overall objectives. LinkedIn can be a great resource, but only if you ensure you’re using it the right way.


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