4 Tips for Preparing Your Website for a Product Launch

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Product Launch

After weeks or months of hard work, you’re finally ready to bring a new offering to the market. You think it’s going to be a high-performer that takes business to a new level, but it’s still important that you support the new service or product with an effective launch campaign.

What’s next? Preparing the website. With these tips, you can get your site ready to successfully promote a new offer without having to launch a full-scale redesign.


Make Small Changes, Not Drastic Ones

Just because you’re launching a new product doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel and change your site from top to bottom. There’s no reason to give up the brand equity and familiarity you’ve built up to this point. Instead, make changes that are small yet noticeable. For example, you might switch an accent color or use a new font in part of your site that’s promoting the offering. Maybe you add a new menu option to your existing navigation. If you’re creative, there are plenty of ways to tweak your page to attract attention for your new service.


Start Before the Actual Launch

Hopefully, it’s not too late for this step! You can start promoting a product or service launch on your website anywhere from a few weeks to a few months away from it actually being available. Start incrementally with an image or a few words, and as it gets closer, move into more in-depth measures like videos and blog posts.

Apple, the heavyweight champion of building pre-launch hype, usually promotes its launches with a conference a few weeks ahead of the actual product being available for purchase. You don’t have to hire U2 to play at your event, but make sure to build the suspense by starting your on-page promotional efforts before customers can actually buy the new offering.


Make It Personal

You’ve undoubtedly poured hours of hard work into creating your new offering, and while it may be a huge part of your life, the harsh truth is that most people don’t really care, even if they are already customers. What they will care about, however, is the impact the new product can have on their lives.

When you are promoting your new offering, don’t just talk about its upgraded specs or sophisticated new features – relate that impact to your prospects and customers. Will it help them achieve more success at work? Save money? Be happier? The more personal connections and emotions you can include in your pre-launch promotion, the more excitement you’ll build.


Take It Outside Your Website

Although your website might be the central hub of your pre-launch promotion, unless you’ve got tens of thousands of unique visitors coming to your site on a monthly basis (and even if you do!) it’s important to let people know about your upcoming launch in other places. Tweet about it using hashtags relating to your industry or offering. Take behind-the-scenes pictures of the product in development and share them on Instagram. You could even incorporate print or in-person marketing, depending on what other kinds of marketing your business engages in. The more channels you use to promote your new service, the more likely it is you’ll be successful.

If you’ll be launching a new offering soon and are looking for some help with promoting it on your website, we’ve got you covered. Request a consultation with Comit Developers to learn how we can help you build a buzz that excites potential buyers before they can even purchase your new product or service.

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