5 Steps to Creating Killer Video Marketing Content

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    1. Content is the most important key to keeping your audience watching. Focus on incorporating one of three themes: humor, emotion, or education. Take advantage of trends (ex. Ice Bucket Challenge), holidays, and feature your team and/or customers in videos.


    1. Don’t settle for low quality productions. Video equipment is more affordable than ever, and viewers won’t stick around if sound or visual quality is subpar. Take advantage of editing bells and whistles to enhance your message, especially by incorporating music.


    1. Keep it short. Attention spans of internet users are steadily decreasing. Most video viewers watch about ¾ of a clip. To be on the safe side and to insure that your message is not cut short, keep videos between 1-2 minutes.


    1. Consistency is key. Once your audience starts hearing from you via video, they will want to see more. You wouldn’t make a TV show with only one episode, so once you begin, keep up the momentum. Come up with a video posting schedule and stick with it.


  1. Link up! Incorporating links, annotations, and calls to action will take your video Marketing campaign to the next level and drive sales.

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