Article Writing to Build Links is Now Officially Passe

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With Yahoo announcing the shut down of it’s article-sharing site, Voice, it is pretty clear that article writing is a thing of the past, at least for link building. Lately, Google has been devaluing third party article and press release links. So, the time when you could type up a quick keyword specific blog post or press release to build some quality links has now ended.

Publishing blogs on your site or on Blogger still works. Blogs on your own site add content. As for Blogger, Google would never penalize themselves. So, Blogger is completely safe.

What can you do instead?

  • Build your directory listings on reputable directory sites.
  • Participate in an industry specific form while encouraging potential clients back to your site.
  • Create and distribute an original infographic that providers readers with additional information.

There are plenty of other link build techniques that can replace writing article and/or press releases. If you ever feel that you need help with your SEO endeavors, please give us a call at 337-326-5479 or send us an email at

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