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“CSS3 is a gift from the heavens.” — Jennifer Kendrick

That is correct. Do you remember bringing up a web site that would stop on a blank, still screen? It left you hanging, thinking ,” I am not sure if this is loading.” Suddenly, a wild loading bar appears! . . . 20 minutes later. Welcome to the world of Flash, where very few developers keep in mind the size and loading time of the movie you are about to watch or website you are about to visit. Lets face it, if you’re going to develop a whole web page in Flash, then you are going to spend a large portion of your development time making sure that every element directly contributes to the lowest loading time possible. Being completely unavoidable, details like these make such a popular product a pain in the major behind to both the developer and the client. Mind you, the only person who wins is the company because not only does the developer have to spend grueling hours on the animation, but the client is watching their pockets drain.
Honestly, what kind of solution is this?

Next door to this black and green, heaping pile of spinning planet exists the world called CSS3. If you are familiar with CSS2, you know it is the way to style every website to the quickest of its abilities. If someone were to take CSS2, cover it with sprinkles, deep fry it in funnel cake batter, and wrap it with a warm, fluffy tortilla, then you will be witnessing the creation of CSS3. This is no joke.

My bias completely revolves around the fact that

  • I am a minimalist
  • I would rather hands on code
  • I am a lazy but thorough coder (which is the average developer, more than you think.)
  • And for the love of gummy bears, I WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE TO A SITE ONCE, AND LET IT BE DONE.

This is the epitome of CSS2, but WITH TRANSITIONS AND ANIMATION. You can take a box, code it to move from one side of the page to another, while it changes colors and contains a search engine box that you cannot catch because you’re too enthralled by the technicolor rainbow and movement. Not that anyone would want to search from something like that, anyways. Nonetheless! You can accomplish this, and many many other pairings of the spectrum. The only downside at the moment : Internet Explorer is still stuck 20 years behind the times and isn’t compatible with most of these elements. This should not stop you from hopping on to the one bandwagon that you must!

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