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Reports are continually growing of people receiving calls from “Google”. The callers proceed to tell you that there is something wrong with your business listing or that they can improve your listing and ranking on Google. Let’s get one thing straight; Google does not call you. These are scammers attempting to gain access to your personal information.

There are multiple scams that take advantage of the Google brand. And there are several ways to identify a scammer, but the main red flag is that Google simply doesn’t make house calls. The only example of an automated Google call is when they are attempting to verify phone numbers for your business. At Comit Developers, we take care of these calls; we deal with Google. So you never have to worry about being scammed.

Often scammers claiming to be affiliated with Google will offer SEO services. They make claims and promises that they can’t fulfill and they have no interest in the improvement of your business. Entrusting Comit Developers with your online presence and SEO services means that you never have to fear being a victim of scamming, because we handle your account with the same honesty and integrity as we do our own.

Bottom line: if “Google” calls, hang up and contact Comit Developers. We will keep your business protected as we grow your online presence.

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