How The Right Social Media Strategy Can Transform Your Business

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Social Media Marketing

With the mass proliferation of social media, being able to tap into this effective means of communication as a way of reaching customers has become essential for any business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest have all demonstrated results when used as a targeted avenue for marketing purposes. For example, Facebook shows an effectiveness 55 percent for B2B marketing according to The Statistics Portal  In addition to the previously mentioned social media services both Instagram and Snapchat are also showing increasing returns due to an ever expanding membership. With millions now plugged into social media, it is even more crucial for the future success of any B2B business to engage with social media marketing.

From StartUps To Major Corporations

A targeted social media marketing campaign combines the elements of a traditional marketing outlay with the quick response and directed nature of social media. However, a business does not have a minimum size to participate in social media marketing. One of the key advantages to engaging potential clients via social media marketing is that it does not require a full-time marketing staff. In fact, many companies both large and small take advantage of outsourcing their social media marketing as it is more cost effective as well as responsive to use external sources, who are skilled at directing social media campaigns. This gives both startups and long term businesses the ability to interact with social media and generate results, without the costs associated with traditional marketing methods.

Transforming Business

Another key aspect of social media marketing is the transformation of the business advertising model. Instead of blanket advertising, social media marketing is a targeted and direct form of marketing that identifies potential clients and provides them with appropriate marketing that creates the perception of increased value in the interaction. This can include location targeting for specific regions or locations as well as paid advertising that enhances the social media marketing in place. In a real sense, it drives customers to the business instead of the carrot and stick approach via traditional marketing. Thus transforming a business from struggling to successful.

Value Perception

A social media marketing strategy presents to clients a value based on the interaction. Specifically, social media addresses the potential client directly forming a more personal value interaction than that offered under blanket marketing techniques. Generating a perception that the business behind the social media marketing values the client even before specific interactions take place. This allows any business the opportunity to build upon this value perception thus creating longer term customer potential.

Social media has changed the world and this is certainly the case with B2B marketing. Social media marketing is essential to reaching new clients, however, only those with a targeted, and well-tuned social media marketing strategy will generate the highest return on investment and thus ensure their long-term viability and success. Social media interaction and participation are rising and the business who can engage with that interaction is the one that will benefit the most.

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