How to Bypass Paying for Call to Action Buttons on Facebook

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People love to press buttons, or in this case, click them. If you have been anywhere near Facebook in the past few months, there is no doubt that you have seen an influx in the amount of clickable posts with calls to actions like “Learn More” “Like Page” and “Get Offer.” There is no denying that these types of post are like bubble wrap to your customers, but what if you don’t want to pay for an ad campaign just to use them?

Let me introduce you to a sneaky little tool called the Facebook Power Editor. A lot of Marketers who use Facebook for their business don’t take the time to maximize the tools that are hidden in your ads manager tab, which is precisely where you can create those nicely packaged posts with call to action bows on top for FREE, and here’s how:


First, you need to get to the Power Editor section of your company’s Facebook dashboard by finding the “Use Ads Manager” tab under “Build Audience.”

From there, you will need to locate the Power Editor tab on the upper left of your dashboard

Once in the editor, if you manage several different business pages from your account, you will need to select the page you wish to make a post for in the left column. If you do not see a list of the pages you manage on the left hand side, you may need to download your pages to the editor or make sure that you are on the “Manage Pages” tab (found at the top of the editor).

Creating posts here is similar to how you would create a normal post on your page, only now you have the option to add the call to action button of your choice. Be sure to check the option that states, “This post will be published on the page” before saving so that no money will be asked for to promote the post. This is a completely organic way to create and share call to action posts.

Of course you can choose to create an ad campaign with these posts if you wish, but for those who have a tight budget, this is how you can optimize your posts, especially during the holiday season when people are buying like mad.

You should end up with a sharp looking post that will have people will wear out their mouse pads. These are especially great for sharing blog posts!

PRO TIP: Be sure to schedule your posts after you create them in the Power Editor by selecting the post you made and clicking “Publish Post,” which will then give you the option to post now or schedule for a future time. From there you may have to click the “Upload Changes” button at the top of the editor to finalize the post. If you have any questions, be sure to visit our contact form!


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