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Choosing the right keywords to target will have a major impact on your website’s traffic and sales. If you are selling a product or service, the search terms used by a consumer may vary depending on the phase of the buying cycle. Today we will discuss a few things to consider when choosing the right keyword for your SEO efforts.

Determining the value or worth of a keyword:

  • Keyword Relevance- Is the selected keyword relevant to the content on your site’s landing page? The content should give consumers the information that they are searching for and should provide value to the company.
  • Search It! – Use the major search engines to search the selected keyword. Take a look at the current rankings to assess the competition. You will be able to see the competition’s title tags and meta-descriptions to get insight into their target. This will also reveal the level of difficulty you will face in getting the chosen keyword to rank higher. Do you see a lot of competitors or similar offerings with Search Advertisements? If so, you may have discovered a highly searched or highly converting keyword.
  • Trial – For a trial run with your selected keyword, try using Google Adwords or Bing Ads to test out your site’s quality scores and conversion rate for the selected term. You can set targets for specific locations for the trial run and in some cases take advantage of a Google or Bing Ad promo to cut the cost of your trial.
  • Traffic Estimation – You can use free tools in Google or Bing to find the traffic estimates for your selected keywords. This tool also allows you to select locations and search variations for the selected keyword. Be sure to use [Exact] match when wanting estimates for the exact search term. You can access these tools by visiting Google Keyword Planner or Bing Keyword Research Tool.

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