To get your newsletter started you’ll need three things:

  1. a client email list
  2. a snazzy newsletter design
  3. content or products to feature

These are incredibly easy to obtain, and you probably already have two of them. Setting up your newsletter campaign is by far the most taxing part of the process, and it’s relatively quick. Once you have everything set up, it’s just a matter of quickly plugging in content and products afterwards.

Is a Newsletter in the Budget?

Measure the cost of a newsletter against the potential gain and awareness it brings. Newsletters are a no-brainer. After the initial setup, you’re left only having to plug in a paragraph or two with some featured products or articles. This takes no time at all, and only requires an email list to send it to. Even if you make no sales directly through your newsletter, the power of awareness more than makes up for the small cost of producing it.

So is a newsletter in the budget? The real question is: Can I afford not to have a newsletter?

Can I track my newsletters through Google Analytics?

Yes! Many email marketing services have a built-in option to connect all of your newsletter data to your Google Analytics account. For those services who don’t have that option, you can still use the Google Analytics URL builder to add Google Analytics tracking to your newsletter.

How can I tell if my newsletter is producing results?

Even if your newsletter doesn’t appear to be providing direct revenue, it’s a great way to create awareness. In my experience, newsletters tend to be highly proficient when looking at the first-click indicators on the Google Analytics attribution reports. This means they are a great avenue for brand awareness!