The Importance of Responsive Design for Local Businesses

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We live in a mobile-obssesd world, which means customers are far more likely to view your website on their mobile device than an actual computer. With that being said, every business should take the appropriate measures to ensure that their sites are mobile friendly. For local businesses, this is even more crucial.

Local businesses have to make sure that their sites are easy to access and informative. Mobile users are looking for the fastest answer to their problem. Every local business wants to provide their customers with the answers they are looking for, so when your site looks like this:
Your message might not come through. The two sites above have no responsive design. On a small screen their content is unreadable. It is true that the customer can zoom in and read what they want, but you are making the customer work to find this information. This can deter some customers and irritate others.

Here are some examples of great responsive design:
These sites display their information large enough so that the customer does not have to zoom in and all the important information is in the forefront. Catering to mobile and other devices, ensures that your customers will be able to access your information quickly and easily, making you look even more professional. If you are interested in updating your site to incorporate a responsive design, please contact us.

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