The Power of Youtube Marketing

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Campaign Styles

Educational and Informational YouTube Channels

Big Think

Big Think is an educational channel focused on technology, philosophy, and current events. They feature various educators and authors. This style of educational videos seems to be effective in the YouTube community. When taking the educational approach, mimicking BigThink’s visual style would be a great idea. An educational YouTube channel relevant to your industry will brand you as an authority in your industry, building trust and reputation. Something as simple as a video discussing industry-related tips and tutorials can make a great impact on your business.

Google Talks

Google Talks YouTube channel features authors and educators who will speak on various topics to inform people about technology in their respective fields. Google Talks features two segments; Google Talks, where respectable educators inform viewers on different aspects of technology and how it is growing, and Authors at Google, where authors and educators give educational talks for Google’s employees. To take from this idea, if your company puts on or attends an industry relevant seminar, it might make a good video for your YouTube channel.

Mobile Professor

The Mobile Professor YouTube channel features tutorials on how to operate mobile phones of all brands and versions. This channel is useful to anyone who has any kind of smartphone, or anyone know needs to troubleshoot apps, websites, listings, and other business-related features on smartphones.

Humor and Entertainment YouTube Channels

Old Spice

You may have see the Old Spice commercials on television. Their over-the-top humor has drawn the attention of so many viewers that people go looking for them on YouTube. The Old Spice YouTube channel feeds the hunger for more nonsensical comedy entertainment, making Old Spice products an idea always in the back of their minds.

Air New Zealand

Instead of the standard, boring airplane briefing, Air New Zealand airlines made a comical briefing video playing off of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. Geeks and fans will love it, and, for people who don’t get the references, it’s still a bit less dull than a standard briefing. What’s more is they post their creative briefings on their YouTube channel, which serves as further advertisement.

Don’t forget to:

  • Include a link to your website and any other relevant sources in your video description.
    • Provide links in the description of your video to any sources you may have used in your video.
  • Become a YouTube Partner
    • To become a YouTube Partner, your videos must follow YouTube’s Partnership guidelines. Being a YouTube Partner means you will allow advertisements on your videos in return for revenue. In other words, you will actually make money from your YouTube videos. Additionally, your videos will be more likely to be found by users searching related keywords.

Optional YouTube Strategies

  • Set up YouTube advertising.
    • Advertise your products on relevant YouTube videos, and entice viewers to buy your product directly. You can also advertise your own videos on YouTube in order to increase your videos’ view count. In junction with a YouTube Partnership, setting up YouTube advertising can make for an extremely successful video campaign.

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