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Comit 2021 Year In Review


This year has been a triumphant one for Comit’s crew of dedicated web developers, creative professionals and web designers. Our team’s cohesion and drive to succeed propelled us through the challenges we faced in 2021, and we want to showcase some of the people, projects and challenges that defined this year for us.


Projects Overview


At Comit, we enjoy every opportunity we can get to establish new relationships and overcome fresh challenges—and this past year was no exception. After the struggle to adapt to the changing needs and business environment caused by Covid in 2020, we expected 2021 to be a bit less hectic. However, the end of life for Adobe Business Catalyst pushed many project deadlines up to transition our customers’ sites to WordPress before Adobe BC went offline. Throughout all the hurdles, though, we found new ways to work more efficiently than ever. 

Here are some of the major projects our team had the pleasure of completing this year. 




With a central corporate hub and a network of 21 location-specific sites, AZPetVet was one of our bigger projects of 2021. They were one of the many clients looking for a web developer to manage their transition away from Adobe BC before it’s the end of life deadline.

As a portal for vital medical information and veterinary contact details for a wide geographical area, we had to accomplish this transition with minimal disruption during the WordPress move. We are happy to say that the migration was successful, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team for executing this 21-site project in just a few short months.




Breastpumps.com is a durable medical equipment supplier with a web-oriented business model, so maintaining an efficient, HIPAA-compliant site design is absolutely essential for success. Our collaboration with this partner centered around implementing a massive website update that streamlined many key areas of the client’s online portal. We created a custom integration between their website, CRM platform and vendor and fulfillment portals that saved their customer service team a great deal of time spent on data entry. With this custom solution, their employees can now dedicate more resources to other tasks for an improved customer experience all around. 


Innovate South


We were honored to partner with Innovate South, an annual cross-industry conference that offers a collaborative space to share and learn from business peers across networking events, workshops and presentations.

As their official website sponsor, we built them a new website to better integrate with their various event registration platforms just in time for their 2021 virtual conference. Now the Innovate South team can rest easy that they won’t have to deal with logistical problems for future website integrations moving forward.


Team Triumphs


Comit Developers owes its success to our fantastic team, which is why we jump at the opportunity to trumpet their own successes. This year marked the moment when Michelle O’Neal, our Director of Operations & HR, completed her MBA!

We take joy in the fact that the many late nights of studying and writing papers has paid off with this major accomplishment. Our other team members and managers deserve some recognition too, for their commitment to continuing their education through webinars and online learning opportunities. It’s this demonstrated drive for professional development that contributes to Comit’s success, year after year. 


2021 Challenges


Every business navigates a few bumps in the road each year and we are no exception. Fortunately, even our biggest “bump” was one we could come back from. About halfway through the year one of our star team members had to take some extended time away from the workforce to take care of family. Finding a replacement to take on such high-level projects was no easy task, but it was one we had to face.

Luckily for us, this search wasn’t as difficult as it could’ve been. We found a talented developer who was able to jump right in and instantly complement our team dynamic, which is always a relief in a collaborative work environment like ours.

COVID concerns are also a factor that has impeded some of our efforts to operate as normal. Despite this, our team took advantage of remote opportunities with monthly online socials to keep us connected and collaborative. 


New Year, New Website


Every new year brings fresh technical developments, changes to website trends and new challenges to solve, and we can’t wait to see what solutions our team will be a part of in 2022. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help set you up for success in the year ahead with a new website that meets all of your needs.

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Gerald Miguez

Gerald Miguez is a co-founder and active partner of Comit Developers who worked in the oil and gas industry for many years before starting a career in technology. His passion for delivering solutions that bring value to each and every business drives the team to build websites that serve as the foundation of their digital marketing strategies. You'll find that Gerald enjoys writing about company news, industry trends, and sharing our clients' successes.

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