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Comit would like to work with you to determine what path you should take to retain your online presence after Adobe Business Catalyst reaches its end of life in September 2021.

Common Questions

Here are our frequently asked questions when considering what comes next for your website.

Does my site have to be migrated?

Yes. As of September 26, 2021 Adobe Business Catalyst will discontinue all hosting services. All data that is not migrated to another system will be deleted.

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress powers over one-third of the internet
  • Improved search optimization and security
  • Easy to manage and edit your site yourself
  • Available add-ons and integrations for many popular business applications

What about custom functionality from my current site?

Adobe Business Catalyst “apps” are similar to WordPress “plugins.” Custom functionality will be recreated using available WordPress plugins.

Will you need to redesign my site?

Your current website may just need minor changes or it may be time for a full redesign. This depends on the age of your site and if it still represents your business well. We will help evaluate your site and make recommendations.

How much will it cost to migrate?

Each website is reviewed for design, content, and functionality. Once all needs have been identified and discussed, a custom quote will be provided.

What do you migrate?

Based on our review of your website we will migrate the information you choose including but not limited to:

  • Blog Posts
  • Forms
  • Galleries
  • Pages
  • Products
  • Web Applications or Integrations

Will it be mobile friendly and responsive?

Yes, all migrated websites are designed to be mobile friendly and responsive. We test each site across multiple platforms and browsers to ensure a great user experience.

What about my current Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

We take all possible precautions in retaining your current search ranking when moving your website. In the long-term, you should see an improvement in search ranking due to WordPress’ superior SEO and security tools.

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Our Previous Work

Comit has quite a bit of experience when it comes to migrating Business Catalyst websites over to WordPress. Here are some of our latest successes.

Jack Millers Before And After Mockups
Johnpac Before And After Mockups
Downtown Before And After Mockups

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