Google Now Offers Local Forwarding Numbers to Call Extensions

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A Call Extension is a feature in Adwords that will display your company’s phone number in the ad and offers conversion tracking when a user clicks to call. A call extension is great for tracking the initial call from mobile devices but desktop call conversions were hard or near impossible to track. Google created Google Forwarding Numbers to improve conversion tracking for call extensions. A Google forwarding number is a unique number assigned to your business that will be shown in ads. This unique number will forward the calls to your business’ phone and offers improved conversion tracking for calls.

Benefits of using a Google Forwarding number:

  • Desktop & mobile calls are tracked when a user dials the Google forwarding number.
  • Call duration may be set for conversion tracking (ex: count all calls over 30 seconds as a conversion).
  • Repeat or future calls from customers are also counted.

Previously, Google Forwarding Numbers could send mixed signals to your local customers since the number displayed would have a random or out of market area code. Now, Google has announced Local Forwarding numbers for call extensions. This means that you can choose to have your local area code shown in the forwarding number. For more information about Google Adwords please contact us today!

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