Google is wanting to create a faster internet. With HTTP/2 now being populated, the web will see an increase in site speed overall. It’s a drastic change to the web that we haven’t seen since 2001.

In addition to making these revolutionary changes to the web, Google is now putting more emphasis on site speed as a ranking factor in order to encourage webmasters to tighten up their servers. Starting April 21st, Google will put high emphasis on the site speed and mobile friendliness of websites when it comes to web rankings.

To test your site speed, insert your website’s URL into this site speed tool and click TEST NOW. To test how Google grades your site’s mobile friendliness, insert your website’s URL into Google’s mobile friendly test for Webmasters.

At Comit, our standard is to build every website in Responsive Design — a Google-approved mobile friendly web design. We’re also partnered with Zend and Amazon to bring you lightning fast load times on your website!