Duke Hillard

Systems Administrator

Keeping Site Security in Mind

Technology is constantly changing and that means websites are constantly being updated to be compatible with or, in some cases, protect from those changes. As our Systems Administrator, Duke Hillard ensures every site stays secure by keeping plugin, themes, and WordPress updated with the latest versions. In addition, Duke is talented at recognizing patterns and making suggestions to improve overall site health and workflow.

Methodical and detail oriented, Duke has a vast knowledge of website systems having gotten his start in the industry while working at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he helped to expand the university website from from 200 pages to 60,000 pages which included websites for individual university departments. Duke has also held positions in Customer Relations, IT Systems Administration, and Technical Writing, making him very adept at creating documentation for and training clients on various systems.

Duke earned a B.S. in Human Resources from the University of Lafayette at Louisiana and enjoys learning about history and neurobiology in his free time.