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Jr. Web Designer / Developer

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An Eye for Detail

As a Jr. Website Designer / Developer with Comit Developers, Jacab is responsible for creating a sound website structure, lays out content on website pages, and also ensures basic SEO is included on every site we build. He is also responsible for ensuring that Google Analytics is set up on every site to ensure optimal visibility, click-through rates, and overall performance. As the final step in website development, Jacab tests uses Comit’s QA process to test the site to ensure it’s free from errors and up to par.

Jacab’s expertise, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach make him an invaluable asset to the Comit Developers team. When Jacab isn’t busy building websites, you can find him pursuing his hobbies – golfing and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He’s a master on the green and can whip up a mean dish with his eyes closed. Who knew that someone who’s so good at website support and development could also be such a culinary genius?