Jonathan Armentor

Web Designer / Developer

Going Beyond Client Expectations

Jonathan Armentor enjoys building useful, well-built systems and it shows in his work. He believes that programming is a matter of good design and that if a system is well-designed then the visual experience of using that system will also be well designed. Jonathan is passionate about finding solutions to custom requests from our clients. His knowledge of APIs and PHP development has been extremely useful; from building custom reporting to connecting the websites we build to various third-party applications. This has streamlined and enhanced the workflows of several of our clients beyond what they thought possible.

Jonathan earned a B.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Although he has always been a creative individual and that he wanted to be a designer in some way, Jonathan wasn’t sure which medium he would ultimately choose as his profession. We are so glad that he chose web design and development!

In his spare time, Jonathan truly is an artist, using stone lithography to create works of art. He is also accompanied by his two cats, Flopsie and Mittens, who often include their input into his projects.