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Chris F

Meet Chris Fichter, our full charge bookkeeper.

From the books to our daily brew, Chris is the fuel that keeps our office running! With her hand-made gifts and personalized office decor, Chris lights up the room with her bright personality and caring demeanor.

How long have you worked in this industry?

I have over 30 years of experience managing invoicing, receivables, payables, payroll and financials for businesses, and I’ve been with Comit for about two years now.

What are some of your responsibilities?

I check our bank balances and make sure people pay us so that we can pay them. I also help answer the phone and process payments and receipts. Unofficially, I’m the office coffee maker and kitchen helper!

What made you choose this profession?

Well, I don’t do web design or development, but I do help develop financial spreadsheets—I love dealing with numbers!

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

The people that I work with make coming to work an absolute pleasure!

What are your hobbies or interests outside of the office?

I love crafting and spending time with my children and grand dogs.

Would you rather never be stuck in traffic again, or never get another cold?

Hmm – that’s hard to decide! Since my commute to work is 40 minutes one-way each day, I’m bound to get stuck in traffic. I usually just sing along to whatever is on the radio and get up-to-date on the news. On the other hand, I absolutely hate being sick. It’s never fun. You feel crappy and end up spreading germs to everyone around you and then they get sick. So, I think I would rather NEVER get another cold.

Why do you feel businesses should choose Comit Developers?

People should choose Comit Developers for all their website needs because we are extremely passionate about everything we do!

Contact Chris and the Comit team today to learn more about our website development process and to get started on your project today!

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