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About E&M Supply Group

Drill Pipe is what E&M Supply Group does best. Our South Louisiana location allows for easy access to an ongoing supply of drill pipe that has been liquidated from the Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling industry. Although we buy used drill pipe mainly from the Gulf of Mexico, we also maintain a purchasing network that involves all the major drilling contractors and rental companies around the world.

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Project Goals

Our goal was to design E&M Supply Group into a mobile-responsive website that highlights the company’s premium products and service. Forms to request a quote as well as get in touch with the company were created to assist in user engagement.  A unique parallax approach was taken to present the company’s history on the about page and image carousels were used in various areas of the site to provide movement using high quality imagery.

Responsive / Mobile Friendly

The website was built to adapt to the users device utilizing responsive design.

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