3 steps to a successful Adwords Campaign

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The success of a Google adwords campaign depends on how you optimize your keyword triggers, landing pages, and ad copy.

1. Make Relevant Keyword Triggers

You don’t want keyword triggers for products or services that you don’t actually offer. Moreover, you don’t want your ad copy to promise anything that you can’t do or that you don’t sell. Write your ads to be relevant and to trigger from relevant keywords. For example: If someone is searching for a specific brand of product that you don’t offer, you might not want to drive traffic to your site through adwords for that brand name. When your ads are triggered by irrelevant keywords, you’ll end up paying for clicks that don’t convert.

2. Point to Relevant Landing Pages

The landing page for your ad should be relevant to your trigger keyword. If your ads are pointing to irrelevant landing pages, you might be pushing away potential clients and wasting money on wasteful clicks. The best practice is to make sure that your ads send people to pages that are relevant to the ad. If your trigger keyword is a specific product, for example, you’ll want your landing page to be the product page for that specific product. If the trigger keyword is something more broad, like “buy jewelry online”, then you’ll want your landing page to be the jewelry category on your online store. If you don’t have an online store but you offer services which require that your customers fill out a contact form, then make sure that your landing page is relevant to the service they were searching, and make sure that the landing page has a contact form or a call to action button.

3. Write Enticing Ad Copy

As you might have guessed by now, your ad copy should be relevant to your trigger keyword as well as to your landing page. More importantly though, your ad copy should be enticing. You don’t want boring, generic, or repetitive ad copy. Your copy should offer them the solution to what they’re searching for. If they’re searching for “exterminators”, for example, your ad copy should be along the lines of “Completely eradicate pests from your home.”

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