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As we all know, this past weekend-Monday were the biggest shopping days of the year. Now that all of the craziness has died down a bit, we can reflect on which products stood out.


All weekend long people have been banging away on their keywords, searching for the perfect gifts to get their loved one.

According to CNN, the most searched items this Black Friday and Cyber Monday were…

  1. Snowblowers
  2. Headphones
  3. Xbox One
  4. Tablets
  5. North Face
  6. Uggs
  7. Jewelry, more specifically, engagement rings

Here is what we can gather from these searches:


It is definitely cold this year. 3 of the 7 top searches are related to dealing with the cold weather. People used the sale heavy shopping weekend to stock up on their North Face jackets, Ugg boots, and snowblowers.



Electronics have always been a big hit for Christmas and this year is no different. Headphones, Tablets, and Xbox Ones are what people are looking for this year.

Beyonce’s song must have finally hit home this season and with all the engagement ring searches, we can expect that our timelines with be filled with people getting engaged this Christmas.

This also means that the wedding industry can expect more business over the next year as the love birds book and plan their upcoming nuptials.

Whatever you end up buying your loved ones, we hope they enjoy their gifts as much as this kid does when he gets a banana.


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