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Facebook, in its very nature, is built on the concept of increasing and building personal connections. The social media platform can deepen your connections with family, friends and coworkers, but more importantly, for you as a business owner, to your customers and clients. The Facebook Store Tab has unveiled a new layer of company, client connection.

Your clients likely live on Facebook; the Facebook Store Tab brings your products directly to your customers. One of the many benefits of this feature is that it capitalizes on the viral potential that Facebook possesses. Your clients can share your products with their friends; this allows your inventory to be viewed by a broader audience, which builds your Facebook fan base and develops relevant, loyal followers. In part, increasing your overall sales.

The Facebook Store Tab presents your products with detailed and accurate images, pricing and descriptions. Facebook respects the integrity of your business; all online purchases are secure. Adding a Facebook Store Tab to your online presence is a cost efficient way to expand your market and increase your revenue. The Comit Team can aptly and efficiently create and manage your Facebook Store. We know the success that comes from combining your web and social media outlets. Allowing us to handle your Facebook Store Tab is allowing us to increase your sales and your client base.

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