Google’s Ranking Algorithm Now Factors in Outbound Links

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Google is now ranking your website based on the quality of your outbound links. In other words, who you link to is now a ranking factor! Google’s newest patent states that the quality of outbound links will be added as a content ranking factor, including all previous content ranking factors; fresh content, author rank, duplicate content, etc.

How to successfully utilize outbound links

First, let’s explore why Google has made the quality of outbound links into a ranking factor. Google has always wanted fresh and original content, and their ranking algorithm has always attempted to reward that. They don’t want duplicate, spun, or stolen content. If you are writing about a subject, Google wants your information to be informational, insightful, original and grammatically correct, as well as proper HTML. By writing original content, while linking to a reputable source on the matter, Google will rank that content as being very relevant and helpful, and will reward you with better rankings.

Outbound Link Tactics:

  • Resource Pages
    • Creating a resource page with reputable sources relevant to your industry is an excellent idea for outbound links. I’ve been making resource pages for my websites way before outbound links were a ranking factor. Outbound links aside, resource pages work great for link building and as a great source for link bait.
  • Articles
    • Writing articles have always been a great way to create Google-worthy content on your site. They are informative, keyword rich and work as excellent link bait. These are great opportunities to link to great sources that will strengthen the arguments in your articles, as well show Google that you have great content and great sources.
  • Page Content
    • Your page content has tons of opportunities to slip in extremely reputable outbound links. For example: If your business is associated with the Better Business Bureau, a link in the content of your Info/About Us page could operate as a great outbound link. Other examples include: Industry relevant organizations, charities or government programs.

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