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by | Jun 21, 2023 | Web Development

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The days are over when a simple, static website was enough to bring in real business results. Today’s customers expect—and deserve—a full-featured experience that’s engaging and responsive rather than purely promotional.

Incorporating interactive and automated optimization functionalities into a website may involve significant expenses; however, the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) presents an opportunity to enhance the visitor experience at a much lower cost. Business owners often ask how AI can be leveraged to enhance their website’s value and user experience (UX) without compromising quality.

Here are four of the most common AI applications that modern websites can use to boost customer engagement.

AI Website Chatbots

An AI chatbot can make a highly effective customer support agent, available 24/7 for your website visitors. Equipped to handle routine inquiries with the help of strategic programming. A chatbot can take the everyday pressure off your human support staff, freeing them up to deal with the more complex cases that require hands-on expertise.

Placing a chatbot on your site can increase visitor retention significantly, providing answers to queries without the customer needing to engage in human interaction. A well-tailored chatbot configuration greatly enhances the customer experience, particularly for uncomplicated tasks such as resolving basic technical difficulties, facilitating customer returns, and addressing other common concerns. AI website chatbots can be made multilingual for little or no extra cost, greatly reducing expenses to provide real-time support to all.

Though they offer valuable assistance, AI chatbots can’t completely replace your human support staff. Customers will have anomaly queries that the AI hasn’t been programmed to answer, and in these cases, a knowledgeable and helpful human should be available to resolve the issue further. AI should be utilized primarily as an automation and triage support tool versus a full solution. It takes time and ongoing optimization to perfect the UX.

AI Review Responders

Brand trust is an immensely powerful driver of business. Positive reviews on Google or any other platform can ease the worries of potential customers, especially when the reviews are responded to in a timely, respectful and pragmatic way. Demonstrating responsiveness to positive reviews indicates that a business actively engages with its customers, while skillfully addressing negative reviews showcases a business’s attentiveness and willingness to embrace opportunities for improvement.

There are AI website tools created to automate replies to reviews with a 100% response rate. This improves the customer experience and can increase search engine rankings, all of which Google loves!

However, AI for review response needs to be configured with due care and attention. Inadequate or impersonal responses, as well as responses that inaccurately address the issue, can create a more negative impression than not responding at all. AI can streamline the process of review responses, but its effectiveness relies heavily on proper programming and templates.

AI Content Generation

AI interest has seen an explosion in recent months, notably for AI content generation tools like ChatGPT and There’s no doubt that automation of optimized content from a simple prompt is attractive to any business, but as with other AI areas, caution is advisable.

AI content generation relies on learning from material that’s already been written and published online. The output might look to be original at first glance, but plagiarism is a genuine concern, so always make sure to vet and heavily edit AI-generated text before placing it on your website.

Furthermore, Google has recently confirmed that content created by AI can be harmful to a site’s rankings if the focus isn’t firmly on the visitor experience. Churning out thousands of words based on your vertical’s keywords will be counterproductive if quality isn’t placed front and center.

When used correctly, AI can greatly speed up content creation and provide a foundation for human writers. AI enables the generation of a large volume of content, allowing websites to scale their content production to meet growing demands. It is also able to maintain a consistent tone, style, and brand voice throughout the website content, ensuring a cohesive user experience. While the benefits are impressive, human quality control will yield the best results.

AI SEO Tools

Another capability of AI is generating the foundational work of SEO. Tools are available to analyze a website, compare it to the competition, and suggest (and even automate) optimizations for better rankings.

Again, AI optimization tools should be used and set up strategically. Over-optimizing a site will actively harm its rankings, so any recommendations must be checked by a human expert rather than followed blindly.

AI Website Tools in Summation

Website AI is a fast-developing field and organizations that fully use it can secure valuable market share for a relatively modest investment. To explore which of the latest AI techniques can boost your business, contact Comit Developers. We’ll work with you to integrate AI tech into your existing website or build a turnkey solution from scratch, improving your site’s customer experience to meet your marketing needs.

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