Is Your Social Media Ready for the Holiday Season?

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Autumn is upon us and the holidays are quickly approaching, which means consumers will soon be searching for ideas and recommendations on the perfect gifts. A survey by the National Retailer Federation found that consumers are looking for a seamless connected retail experience, so it’s more important than ever to pay close attention to your social media marketing strategy.

One of the best known techniques for creating an effective holiday social media marketing campaign is to develop your game plan around a theme that expertly reflects your business. Once you nail down your theme, you can tailor content, photos and videos around it and present an integrated reach across multiple platforms. Here are some ideas that will help you engage with customers and generate more sales for the holiday season:


  • Use to connect all of your marketing across different platforms like email and social.
  • Alleviate consumer stress by offering relevant solutions to pre-defined customer dilemmas and offer real-time customer service.
  • Get creative! Twitter is more than 140 characters. Use visual content like videos, photos and vines to catch customer attention.


  • Run sweepstakes or contests and try tying them into an event. Not only do your customers win something, they’re both excellent ways to increase your email database and refine your targeted marketing. People also tend to share these types of posts, so think about offering an incentive for them to do so.
  • Let your customers know of upcoming promotions and ask for feedback on new products.
  • Maximize your targeted ad options by utilizing the Custom and Lookalike Audience options.


  • Take advantage of Instagram’s high rate of engagement by posting fun, relevant holiday-related images and videos customers will want to share.
  • Launch a #hashtag contest and promote it via your other SMM channels.
  • Show off your products and services and offer inspiring ideas for perfect holiday gifts.


  • Use this social media powerhouse to feature curated boards (“Gifts for Her,” Gifts for Him,” etc.) suggesting great gift ideas. Take advantage of Pinterest Analytics to gain insight into which items are most popular.
  • Use product pins to show product availability, pricing and purchasing information. Once pinned, a user can receive promotional and sale updates.
  • Integrate Pinterest into your Facebook promotions, and use Twitter to build up entries.

Social media is a powerful tool for deepening relationships during the holiday season, exactly when you want customers to remember you most! If you haven’t gotten your social media holiday strategy in place yet, give us a call and we can build it and implement it for you.

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